service to please


Language Service, the art of pleasing clients

No translation agency could possibly be more adept at pleasing clients than Language Service. We keep looking after your interests long after we have submitted our translations to you. In other words: “after you buy” it’s not “good-bye”. Language Service will assist you throughout all the phases of your assignment. We help out with the little things that can make such a big difference in a business relationship. A concerned service, meaning unequalled attention to be of assistance to your needs, such is our uncompromising objective. It is by taking that attitude for its operating premise that Language Service has maintained its well-deserved reputation in the world of translations.

The agency’s service record has for years been based on a strict adherence to quality control. Like a jealous Argus-eyed mate, Kate scrutinizes with an eagle’s eye the quality of all work that leaves the head offices.