translations and design


All language fields, all subjects, all types...

From automotive techniques to marine protest demonstrations, from CD-ROMS, chemicals, forklift trucks and radio-controlled toys to the most specialised of software packages Ö you canít think up anything so crazy that our translators wonít find an answer for it. What this means then is that Language Service collaborates with professional translators that can claim complete mastery of their craft.

All of our collaborators are experts in their own specialised fields. Whether it pertains to technical, commercial, legal documents, sworn translations, or just ordinary texts that have to command attention, intrigue, or stir the readerís emotion... our pool of more than 350 translators and e-lancers are expert in their own specific fields. In brief, if you want to find excellent writers and editors, try us. Thereís only one place here for work that is not up to snuff Ė the wastepaper basket. We donít know of any better way to ensure quality and reliability Ė for fault-free work. In that respect, we are like you: we simply brook no nonsense.

Your message presented in an attractive package

Language Service does not deliver only translations and texts that are easy to read, we also pay much attention to the layout of your documents. It is no secret that excellent texts love to make a display of their splendid design.

You are looking for a print-ready, richly designed brochure? A completely finished instruction manual complete with tables, graphic representations, and organisational charts in 30 languages? Look no further! Language Service will provide you with the solution.